Orlando Duarte of the Young America’s Foundation says that young conservatives can change the course America is on today with a lot of work.

How right he is.

A Conservative Renaissance on Campus

I am an unapologetic young adult conservative who refuses to believe our “rendezvous with destiny” has come to an end. Our children will not enter into “a thousand years of darkness.” I refuse to let this happen. As of now, my generation is to blame for the current crisis we have allowed to happen, but this must change!

This is no longer the “America” of our parents. We have enjoyed the benefits of our modern conservative forefathers who believed in the founding principles of our great Constitution which let our free markets reign and created peace through strength. The benign tyranny currently upheld by my generation will soon move us to despotic tyranny.

This can still be stopped, but it will require the same endurance of those who have gone before us. The first generation of YAF activists were packing out Madison Square Garden in the 1960s, while the media and SDS sought to speak for the nation. The liberal narrative of the sixties continues to be taught in many classrooms as a righteous cause, but it is incorrect.

It took over a decade of Johnson’s Great Society and Carter’s stagflation to cause conservative forces to unite into the conglomeration of conservative voices which recognized that the Reagan Revolution was imperative. We cannot wait over a decade—the time is now!