Brendan Pringle of the YAF blog has a great idea for 2013.

How about some more intellectual diversity on American college campuses? He also says the Young America’s Foundation can help bring conservative speakers to a school near you.

A New Year’s Resolution: Enhance Intellectual Diversity on Campus.

With fall semester out of the way, now’s the time to plan for 2013.  Why not make it your resolution to bring some intellectual diversity to your campus by hosting a YAF speaker?

Bringing conservative speakers to my own campus last year were some of the high points of my college experience. If you are at all hesitant, here are just a few compelling reasons to consider:

  • Hear from a prominent speaker that you personally admire.

It’s a bit mind boggling to think you have the power to bring some of the most recognized leaders of the Conservative Movement to your campus. How many conservative speakers would visit your campus if you left it up to your university? The answer probably hovers somewhere around zero.

  • Boost your membership with unmatched publicity.

Whereas your flyers advertising your club’s meetings may get hidden beneath multiple layers of other random flyers, a successful speaking event gives you several unique opportunities to promote your club’s meeting times and activities, and has the potential to attract press coverage. It also suggests to your peers that you are doing “big things” on campus. There’s no better way to get your fellow students excited about your club.

  • Watch the Left walk away speechless after the speaker Q&A session.

Imagine how great it would be to see an articulate conservative speaker tear down the arguments of your liberal peers and professors. Free speech never looked so beautiful.

  • Young America’s Foundation provides financial support to help secure your speaker.
School funding boards are typically controlled by liberals and they are not very eager to fund conservative speakers.  In some cases, we help cover the difference of the speaker’s fee not funded by the school.