Citizen activists are recoiling over Speaker of the House John Boehner’s removal of Tea Party supported fiscal conservatives from key committee positions.

In The College Conservative, Jeffrey Max of Texas Wesleyan University is among the many Tea Party supporters who seek to remind the Speaker of how he got there and how he may be removed.

John Boehner is infamous for drawing lines in the sand and then leaping across those lines to go for a swim in the ocean. He is spineless, ignorant, and frankly, under-qualified to lead the people’s House. His tactics are shrewd, calculating, and often times despicable. He is a weak leader and he lacks the ability to negotiate effectively. This point has been highlighted by the recent fiscal cliff talks. John Boehner signed Grover Norquist’s pledge not to raise taxes, but he has already gone out and offered President Obama over $800 billion in tax increases. He then turns around and ridicules any member who refuses to violate their promise to the American people.

John Boehner’s latest move has ruffled the feathers of the conservatives in the Republican Party. In the process of determining new committee assignments, Boehner ousted Kansas Representative Tim Huelskamp from the agricultural and budget committees. Huelskamp stated that he was relieved of his assignment due to disagreements with the House leadership on key votes. His votes were considered to be too conservative, so Boehner kicked him off the committee. Huelskamp was replaced with several of Boehner’s hand chosen moderates, which is very reminiscent of FDR’s court packing scheme.

I wish that Boehner would utilize this strength that he shows towards his own party members against the Democrat opposition.

Max offers the following solution:

To promote a suggestion from Mark Levin, I fully support Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for Speaker of the House.

For the past several months, Levin has toyed with the idea of having Scott Walker challenge John Boehner for his position. Levin has had Scott Walker on his show several times and has pitched the idea to him on several occasions. Walker always laughs it off, but there comes a time when the American people need somebody to step up and seriously challenge Boehner. We have two years to form a coalition to replace Boehner, assuming we hold the House in the 2014 mid-term elections. We need to start planning now.

President Obama is playing John Boehner for a fool, and rightfully so. Obama has set up the situation so that no matter what happens in regard to the fiscal cliff, the Republicans will take the blame for hurting the middle class.