According to the Students for Liberty blog, 2012 was a pretty good year for freedom. Writer Casey Givens has outlined a Top 7 victory list which is excerpted here.

Can You Count the Freedom?: 2012′s Top 7 Victories for Liberty

7. Ron Paul’s Federal Reserve Transparency Act passes the House of Representatives.

Not every libertarian agrees on monetary policy — or, Ron Paul for that matter. But, one tune we can all sing to is government transparency. That’s why the outgoing Texas Congressman got the best parting gift he could ask for on July 25th, when the House overwhelmingly passed his bill to audit the Fed by 327 to 28.

6. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) fail to pass Congress after Internet revolt.

Many items on this list aren’t well known outside of policy circles and the libertarian nerdosphere, but nobody can forget the day the Internet went on strike.  On January 18th, more than 75,000 websites including Google, Wikipedia, redditt, and Tumblr protested a pair of bills that could have had severe censorship repercussions.

5. 25 states refuse to establish a state-based ObamaCare exchange.

Speaking of bills nobody understands, ObamaCare’s legitimacy was slightly undermined in recent months by half of the states refusing to set up a state-based health care exchange.

Read the whole list at the link below.