In the wake of the 2012 election, many conservatives are still living with gloom and doom.

Alex Entz of The Northwestern Chronicle believes there are reasons for conservatives to be happy.

Post-Election, Conservatives Should Be Optimistic

I was asleep in Rome on the night of the election. At five am, the tiny room of my hostel exploded with noise as my alarm went off; I turned it off and grabbed my iPod Touch to check how the election was coming. I had a multitude of emails. The first two, from my brother and a friend of mine, read, “Alex, just stay in Europe for the next four years”, and “Not looking good across the pond. Don’t turn on CNN.” I turned my iPod off, rolled over, and fell back asleep.

As I figured then and as we all know now, Barack Obama was—in the face of the worst economic recovery in nearly 100 years—re- elected. Knowing that my brother was unhappy with the outcome, I took some time that morning to send him and the rest of my family a quick message about what the election meant. In the most 1950s way possible, it went viral, with my aunts printing it out and taping it to their refrigerators. Like so many other conservatives around the country, they were upset with what had transpired, and were pessimistic about the country’s future. That’s the wrong mindset, I told them, for six simple reasons.

First, conservatives won. I can almost see the heads of the staff at The Daily exploding after reading that, but let me explain. Conser- vatives grabbed the third rail of politics—enti- tlements—and came out with the true mandate of the people, ownership of the House. From here, we can implement true reforms to Medicare and other entitlements if we’re savvy. Second, let’s get real. Obama didn’t win because people loved his economic platform.

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