A video-taking student is challenging one of the most liberal of California’s institutes of higher learning, Fresno State University.

For example, the university recently was accused of illegal supporting the tax-raising state ballot measure, Proposition 30.

The conservative student activist braved this environment to question faculty about a poem in the student paper that referred to “white savages”, and after his suspension, filed a case against the school.

A student at Fresno State University is suing his professors for allegedly putting him on disciplinary probation because of his politics, and he has video that he says proves his case.

The trouble started in May 2011, when Neil O’Brien, a senior at Fresno State who is active in student government, went to talk with two professors in Fresno’s Chicano and Latin American Studies Department. O’Brien, who is widely known on campus for advocating against policies such as the DREAM Act, the proposed law that would give young illegal immigrants a path to citizenship, was miffed that they allowed a poem he found offensive to be published in a university-sponsored newspaper. The poem starts with the passage “America, the land robbed by the white savage” and continues along those lines.

When O’Brien approached the professors separately in their offices, the same thing happened in each case: they said they didn’t want to talk with him. Openly recording the encounters on a video camera, O’Brien told them he just wanted to ask questions. They again told him to leave, and closed their doors.

What happened next is what got O’Brien in trouble: The professors called the police. According to police reports, the professors said that O’Brien had been “threatening” and “harassing” them. Police took O’Brien in for questioning, but decided not to file charges after watching video he took of the incident.

The video O’Brien took, in which staff is being questioned about the school’s newspaper publishing the racist poem, is posted here: Neil O’Brien’s May 11th Video

The Blaze report by Erica Ritz has additional details:

O’Brien’s lawyer, Brian Leighton, added: “What these professors can’t stand is that Neil shows up to all these university meetings… and he says what he thinks.”  O’Brien emailed us a full copy of his complaint– read it here.

School representatives say they cannot provide details on the case, since it has to do with disciplinary action against a student, but insist that personal politics were unrelated to O’Brien’s punishment.

….Though this ​is​ related to politics, it should be noted that a quick Google search reveals O’Neil seemingly had a website called “therealpedro.com” about the “lies, crimes, and possible cover-up” of the school’s president Pedro Ramirez, who was found to be an illegal immigrant in late 2010.  The website has not been updated since May.