In the spirit of the season, students at CU Boulder on the right and left side of the political spectrum have put aside their politics to support American troops. Maybe we can all learn a lesson from these young people.

Aslinn Scott of The College Fix reports.

Christmas Spirit Trumps Political Angst at CU Boulder

Colorado University at Boulder is no stranger to military protests. Anti-war demonstrations spawned on campus in the 60s and 70s, and even occurred as recently as last year, when President Obama visited.

Underscoring that, tensions between student hawks and doves mounted this year at the highly politicized campus, a frequent pit stop for Obama during the election season, and also home to highly active students for both the Republican and Democrat parties.

At the height of the election season, the Boulder campus and other Colorado universities made headlines when their Republican students documented Democrat peers breaking polling site laws, and then helped file official complaints with state election officials over the infractions.

But with the election over and the Christmas season upon them, CU Boulder’s campus Republicans recently decided to let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with them.

To that end, they spearheaded an effort to send Christmas cards to the troops, and reached out to the entire campus community to pitch in. To their pleasant surprise, students who identified as left-leaning or Democrat joined the cause.