Atarah Golden of The College Conservative blog is an African American conservative and a very smart young woman. In a new post, she takes liberals to task for their recent attack on Congressman Tim Scott and other African American Republicans.

Manufactured Racism

In the eyes of liberals, especially black liberals, black conservatives are second class citizens.  We have seen the way liberals treat Allen West, Mia Love, Stacy Dash, Stacy Swimp, Herman Cain, Artur Davis, and many more.  One of the more recent individuals under liberal attack are newly elected South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and Robert Lee Griffin the third, also knows as RG3, quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

The media made one of two choices when it came to Rep. Tim Scott: either reduce his achievement to absolutely nothing, or totally ignore his election’s historical landmark altogether.  (Scott is the only black senator currently serving and the first southern black senator since the Reconstruction era.)

The New York Times showed its true colors by reducing Scott to being both “puzzled” and a “token.” It is not just Scott, though; it is every black Republican.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was not too thrilled about Scott’s election, either; they fear that Scott’s election will backfire on all that they have accomplished (I use that term loosely).

During a press interview after the Redskins versus the Baltimore Ravens same, RG3 expressed gratitude towards his fans and went on to say that he wishes to be defined by his work ethic, and not the color of his skin.  For some reason, this struck the wrong chord with Rob Parker.  On ESPN Thursday, Parker belittled RG3 because his fiancée is white and he may have Republican leanings; according to Parker, RG3 is a “cornball brother.”  Whatever that means.

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