Isn’t it amazing that as the unemployment rate for college students continues to climb, some students will risk their permanent records protesting for things like gender neutral housing?

Steve Annear of BostInno reports.

Boston University Students Threatened With Arrest, Suspension for Protest Outside President’s Office

Boston University students demanding the school implement gender neutral housing in dorm’s next year were threatened with arrest on Friday for holding a protest outside of the school’s president’s office.

According to members of the group Gender Neutral BU, a coalition of advocates from the Center for Gender, Sexuality and Activism, BU Student Government, and coeds and faculty supporters, around noon students marched to President Robert Brown’s office calling for a meeting to discuss gender neutral housing on campus in 2013.

The group claims that over the summer officials gave “multiple verbal confirmations” that a Gender Neutral Housing initiative was slated for next fall.

On December 9, however, members of BU’s Student Body were told that gender neutral housing on campus had been “indefinitely halted.”

“The Dean of Students made it clear to these students calling for this that there are higher priorities they are working on [at this time], but we are continuing to give this careful thought and consideration,” said BU Spokesman Colin Riley. “Right now it is not a priority.”

On Friday, with petitions and proposals in hand, members of Gender Neutral BU hunkered down in Brown’s office and were “chanting and sitting and singing,” Riley said.

“Individuals spoke on their own behalf about supporting the initiative,” he said.

According to the group, Vice President Douglas Sears denied students’ request to schedule a meeting with the President.

After roughly 45 minutes, Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore delivered a message to the protesters letting them know that if they did not vacate the premises they would be subject to arrest and risk suspension.