Meet ASU President Michael Crow. He’s president of Arizona State, the largest University in the country.

This is his Solve for X talk.  He takes fifteen minutes to explain his rationale and goals for ASU. What do you make out about his talk?

So, what does all his fancy talk mean?

I’ve never heard of any of those programs on campus, including from the profs I know. It means he’s done a great job of tearing apart the traditional social constructs on campus.

But hey what good is social capital? He’s essentially eliminated the entrance requirements. Is an environment of excellence not an important part of Solving for X? Do less qualified students drag down the curve and teaching quality over time?

Are massive acceptance and enrollment rates just a convenient way to get more cheap government money? Here everybody can get an “education” paid for by someone else and/or their future selves. You can bet at any State school a portion of those generous grants, loans, parents’ money, scholarships, etc. go instead to higher living. You might not be surprised to find out young men and women tend to do many of the same things in just about any environment.

Just imagine what they do with cheap money and new freedom from authority figures.

Crow is responsible for making ASU the “Greenest University” in the country. In ASU 101, mandatory for every freshman, there’s a large segment on sustainability. Actually ASU has the first school of sustainability. Where do you get a job with that degree?

As for shooting for the stars, there’s entrepreneurship programs. The business students don’t take them seriously because they prefer to fund ideas with a social agenda, like green cabs. The green cabs have been reasonably successful though, thanks to government subsidy of course.

All the “Liberal” Arts schools are rearranged and packed with sustainable socialists lecturing on the progressive thinking that’s happened in the last century. He’s responsible for literally bulldozing Greek Row to build a strip mall, where tax dollars in the form of student loans will come to the University in another form, rent. Granted there was porn was being shot on row before Crow.

At this big university he’s made sure there isn’t a home for anyone. No, stakes means no school spirit. That’s why ASU sports have terrible attendance. The largest university in the country and they can’t get anyone to go to a basketball game. Granted they are bad. The coach’s nickname is Herbivore. Yayyy.

They are constantly coming up with bad gimmicks. At the Student Union they give out free cupcakes. When you take one they ask you to attend sporting events. He has created an environment of social chaos. In the heart of one of USA’s most conservative states ASU is pumping out unmatured adults that have been through his “higher” “education” social experiment. That’s the dream of many Leftist hoping for social transformation.

Meanwhile Conservatives are?