In the wake of election results, people are now using the petition process to affect government reform (include citizens in 15 states who are pushing for secession).

Via Instapundit, at the White House “Create a Petition” page, is an innovative petition that allows graduates to get refunds if they can’t find gainful employment with their chosen degree.

Provide University graduates ability to trade their diplomas back for 100% tuition refunds.

Because of the inability of recent college graduates to find gainful employment in order to repay their college debt, and since this college debt cannot be eliminated in bankruptcy, and most of the recent additions to the job market have been in service related industries, the Obama administration should take up the cause of reducing college debt and hold those accountable responsible.

In the name of Consumer Protection, recent college graduates should have the ability to return the diploma and not make any reference to receiving education from the college in exchange for a 100% refund of college tuition. This may be extended with a graduated (ha, get it?) reduction for the last four years, with a red line at January 20, 2008.

Signatures are still being requested (click HERE to sign). Alternatively, the better choice would be to research before selecting a degree ( determining its potential employment potential) and avoid fun, trendy courses that offer limited career options.