The real “War Against Women” on campuses is the “War Against Conservative Women“.

It seems that the student editor of the University of Michigan – Dearborn’s “Michigan Journal” has decided the young women of her state need to vote their “lady parts” and not their “lady smarts”.

This report comes just a week before the presidential election: Women who vote for Republicans and Mitt Romney are “stupid … bitches” who support men who support rape, a campus newspaper editor opined.

In an op-ed published Tuesday by the Michigan Journal, the weekly student newspaper at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Opinion Editor Kristen Golembiewski’s piece, “Ladies, if you vote Republican, you bitches can walk home,” gives us a train-wreck view of how her brain works.

“I just don’t understand why any woman, regardless of race or social status, would vote for a candidate that has made misogynistic remarks on more than one occasion, did not support the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, is anti-choice, and made comments that alluded to the idea that women have to rush home after work to be with the kids and cook dinner. …

That just tells me that these women, well, I’m sorry to say it, but they’re stupid. Like, Sarah Palin stupid. … Stop making women have babies they don’t want and can’t support because you have this misguided notion that a fetus is a person which by the way, IT IS NOT. That’s why the medical term for it is “fetus,” not “baby.” …

Wanna talk about how a bunch of people Mitt allies himself with have made absolutely sickening comments on rape? … Oh, yes, America, you see, when a woman gets pregnant after being sexually assaulted, well, that’s just “something God intended to happen,” according to Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock – who Romney still stands by. …

So ladies, if you do choose to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket next week, I’m sorry, but YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US. You know how beer commercials like to talk about taking away a dude’s “mancard” because he ordered the wrong kind of beer or made some other choice that depicted him as feminine? Well, if you go red on November 6, I’m hereby revoking your womancard. That’s right bitch, you’re out of the club.”

To pick apart this column piece by piece would honestly be a waste of time, and possibly lend credence to it. We don’t argue with Golembiewski’s right to voice her argument, we just wanted to offer this up as an excellent example of the left-wing idiocy that passes for thinking.

Click here to read Golembiewski’sentire opinion piece.

Note: The fact the article’s comment section already contains a disclaimer and a note that the comments section has been turned off offers intriguing clues as to how well received this piece is.