In what is surely a sign of desperation, the Democratic Party has sent President Bill Clinton to Florida to shore up the college student vote. Clinton told students that Obama is a better choice for them based on his student loan program.

Clinton told the students that Obama’s government takeover of the student loan program was a good thing. This move is probably too little too late, not to mention the fact that most of today’s college students are too young to remember Clinton’s presidency.

Daniel Strauss of The Hill reports.

Former President Clinton says students should vote Obama on ‘student loan policy issue alone’

Former President Bill Clinton argued to a crowd of college students that they should vote to reelect President Obama because of his college tuition policies alone.

“The most important thing that President Obama has done that not nearly nobody knows about is reform the student loan program and to launch an [initiative] to help college universities and college cut the rate of inflation in half in college costs,” Clinton said Monday at a rally at the University of Central Florida. “Now let me tell you how the student loan program works. Everybody within the sound of my voice and everybody who reads this in the paper tomorrow or sees this on television should vote for Barack Obama over Gov. Romney on the student loan issue alone.”

Clinton went on to tout Obama’s reform of the federal student loan program that removes private lenders as, as Obama has referred to them, “middlemen.”

“The new system sets aside a long reserve in the federal budget, gives money directly to colleges and to students so the loans cost less money, one; two, far more important, every single person after next year that gets a college loan from the federal government, a federal loan, can pay that loan back as your choice as a small fixed percentage of your income for twenty years,” Clinton said. “What does that mean? That means that nobody will ever have to drop out of college again because of the cost of college tuition.