At Legal Insurrection, we provided a detailed review of all information known about the election night demonstration deemed a “race riot” by elite media. All evidence shows that is was an impromptu, non-violent protest.

If “racial slurs” were shouted, it was not by the the majority of protesters.

The College Fix has also investigated, and interviews with several students confirm our findings.

Several students at the University of Mississippi, also known as Ole Miss, refuted widespread post-presidential election “race riots” claims spread by various news reports.

In a broadcast posted on The Daily Mississippian, eye-witness student reporter Margaret Ann Morgan noted that “I wanted to make sure if these were actually riots, let’s use the appropriate term, but once I got there I saw that no, they were not.”

She said about 300 students were gathered, yelling and screaming: “We saw no violence at all … most of what we saw was just confusion. People wanted to know what was going on, why it started. … The atmosphere was high energy, negative energy … but there were students there of all races, of all kinds, mainly they just wanted to know what was going on.”

According to another unique take on the situation, claims of mass racism during the protest were overblown. Two student musical artists posted a video on YouTube and rapped that just a handful of students made racist comments among hundreds:

“DM based their facts off of tweeting and talking, when it was five morons burning and a hundred folks watching,” they sung, referring to a few students who burned an Obama-Biden sign.

The two artists also condemned those “five” students: “White boys love Obama too, please excuse the dooshes, forgive them they know not what they do … Mississippi is progressing, you need a history lesson”

Watch the video. WARNING —- includes explicit language:

Itz a “Riot”

Those interested in watching what an actual race riot looks like, here is footage from the 1962 riot over the desegregation of Ole Miss. Student James Meredith was escorted onto the University of Mississippi campus by U.S. Marshals, and a deadly riot ensued, with two men killed and more than 3,000 federal soldiers called in to quell the violence, which included the use of guns and homemade bombs.

1962 Race Riot at Ole Miss