We recently discussed the case of Vanderbilt University’s Christian groups being exiled from campus, using “inclusion” as the excuse to force these organization to meet requirements that go against their faith.

A Northern Colorado Gazette article
has the details:

A coalition of 11 Christian student groups are being forced to leave campus at Vanderbilt University over policy requiring them to open their leadership up to atheists, homosexuals and any other group even if they are antithetical to the group’s mission.

The campus groups, who call themselves Vanderbilt Solidarity, have joined together to oppose the university’s “all-comers” policy, which says student groups must be open to all students, including in leadership, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

The groups say choosing leaders who share or profess their Christian faith is a key part to preserving the identity of the group.

The college continues to defend its policy saying the issue is about preventing discrimination, not inhibiting religious freedom.

In response, the American Center for Law and Justice is acting on behalf of the Christian groups to defend the students’ First Amendment rights. The group has started a petition drive that has already collected over 50,000 signatures.

Christian student groups are being forced off campus by a major college. Vanderbilt University has instated a policy that requires religious student groups to accept leaders regardless of their faith, even requiring Christian groups to allow atheist leadership. The school has outrageously compared these Christian groups to segregationists.

The ACLJ is advising Christian student groups, concerned alumni, and parents; we need your voice in support of their religious liberty. Join the ACLJ in calling on Vanderbilt to reverse this discriminatory policy today.

Click HERE to sign the petition. The text is below:

To: Vanderbilt University

You have compared Christian student groups to segregationists because they want the same rights as other Christian organizations in America — the same rights the Supreme Court unanimously affirmed this year — the right to use faith-based criteria when selecting leaders. We demand that you immediately reverse your new policy that discriminates against these students.