While American liberals obsess on free birth control, binders and the completely fake war on women, conservatives and libertarians are focused on freedom for all people… including women.

Take note of a recent talk given at the University of Virginia.

Wendy Morrison of The Virginia Advocate reports.

Sommers about Conservative Feminism

On October 24th, 2012, Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers spoke for a group of about 40 students at the University of Virginia on the topic of Conservative Feminism. Her speech, entitled, ‘The Case for Conservative Feminism: How the once noble cause of feminism lost its way, and why it may take conservative women to get it back on track’, dealt with what Dr. Sommers believed to be the logical and philosophical problems with late twentieth century feminism.

A self described ‘freedom feminist’, Sommers applauded the first two waves of feminism for championing the cause of equal opportunity for women and securing essential negative rights. Using countless examples of hyperbolic claims and misrepresented statistics from a variety of current women’s studies material, Dr. Sommers demonstrated how modern day ‘gender feminists’ have shifted their focus from freedom and equal opportunity to securing entitlements and equality of outcome for women, while casting modern American women as victims of a male patriarchy.