Andrew Sullivan recently said that if Mitt Romney wins Virginia and Florida, that it would represent nothing less than the return of the Confederacy.

Kirk Jing of Dartlog is having none of it.

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The age of “public intellectuals” is upon us. In an era where more and more Americans turn to cable news to guide them through a confusing world, one no longer needs to utter things that bear any resemblance to reality in order to be widely read and lauded. The most recent consistently-overrated pundit to hold an unreasonably inflated view of their knowledge and test this new tendency even further, Andrew Sullivan, recently opined,

I think America is currently in a Cold Civil War. The parties, of course, have switched sides since the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The party of the Union and Lincoln is now the Democratic party. The party of the Confederacy is now the GOP. And racial polarization is at record levels, with whites entirely responsible for reversing Obama’s 2008 inroads into the old Confederacy in three Southern states. You only have to look at the electoral map in 1992 and 1996, when Clinton won, to see how the consolidation of a Confederacy-based GOP and a Union-based Democratic party has intensified – and now even more under a black president from, ahem, Illinois.

Although Sullivan sounds very pithy, witty, and dare I say, even “intellectual” to the average high school student who just scraped a 3 on his AP US History test after writing an eloquent essay about the dastardly Iraqi attack on Pearl Harbor, there’s one problem with this: it’s complete bullsh*t. And I do not use the term lightly.

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