Unlike the loud and disruptive student protests of the Occupy movement, these students protest by getting down on their knees and praying.

Life News reports.

200 Christian College Students Protest at Planned Parenthood

Christendom College’s pro-life group, Shield of Roses, held its biggest protest in 35 years of its existence this past Saturday. On October 27, over 225 students, faculty, staff, and visitors traveled to Washington, D.C., to peacefully protest abortion at the Planned Parenthood clinic, located just north of the White House, on 16th Street.

The group protests at this same clinic each Saturday morning during the academic year, but normally only around 20 students make the trek into D.C. on a weekly basis. Once a semester, however, the group’s leadership organizes what it calls a “Mega Shield” event and encourages as many of the members of the College community as possible to participate. Last year, Mega Shield events drew as many as 100 students, and prior years’ saw up to 200 participants.

“I am so happy that we were able to get so many to come out for this event,” says President of Shield of Roses, college senior Chris Roberts, from Asheville, North Carolina. “It’s a real sacrifice to wake up so early on a Saturday morning and travel to D.C., but the babies are worth it.”…

Students wake up early on “Mega Shield” Saturdays to attend the 7:30 a.m. Mass, after which they load into private vehicles and a couple of college vans. They arrive at the Planned Parenthood abortuary at around 9:30 a.m. where they kneel on the grass in front of the clinic and pray four rosaries and a Chaplet of Divine Mercy, as well as sing some Marian hymns before departing back to the college campus in Front Royal.