The students were eventually removed at the direction of the secret service. Still, can you imagine someone from team Obama being protested by students on a college campus four years ago?

Oliver Darcy of Campus Reform reports.

Students attempting to protest Vice President Joe Biden’s appearance at Wright State University on Wednesday were removed at the direction of the Secret Service to a “free-speech zone” far from the campaign event.

The incident, captured on video, depicts a small group of students holding Romney/Ryan and “Defeat Obama” signs as they were approached by contracted security officials who directed them to move to an area designated for “free speech.”

Secret Service spokesman Max Millien acknowledged on Friday in an interview with Campus Reform that the students were moved by the security guard at the Secret Service’s direction in order to further protect Vice President Biden.

“The Secret Service respects everyone’s right to freedom of speech but we also have a duty to provide a safe and secure environment,” said Millien.

“The Secret Service has two zones,” he added. “There is a secure zone and a general public area.”

After the students complied with the first request to move, they were again instructed to move – this time to the middle of a field, about a quarter mile away from the area where Biden planned to speak.