Butt chugging is the process of ingesting alcohol by enema.

Because alcohol is able to enter the blood stream without the benefit of your liver, the effect can be dangerous and even fatal.

You may think this practice sounds bizarre but it recently sent a student from the University of Tennessee to the emergency room.

Hayes Hickman of Knox News has the story.

Alcohol ‘enema’ sends student to ER; fraternity chapter suspended

As medical personnel treated a University of Tennessee student for severe alcohol poisoning from a bizarre consumption method, UT police walked into a drunken scene at a campus fraternity, records show.

Officers early Saturday found several young men at the Pi Kappa Alpha house, 1820 Fraternity Park Drive, passed out in their rooms “and bags from wine boxes, some empty and some partially empty, strewn across the halls and rooms.”

Authorities think Alexander P. Broughton, 20, of Memphis, who had a blood-alcohol level thought to be “well over” 0.40 percent, ingested the alcohol by a method known as “butt chugging,” in which wine was inserted directly by a tube into his rectum for quick and potent absorption.

On Monday, Pi Kappa Alpha’s UT chapter was administratively suspended for 30 days by Pi Kappa Alpha International, pending a decision regarding its permanent status, according to a statement from UT spokeswoman Karen Ann Simsen.

If you’re ingesting alcohol via enema, you might want to rethink those student loans.