A massive cheating scandal at Harvard, first reported by the Harvard Crimson, is exposing the culture of cheating at America’s colleges and universities.  Via USA Today:

There are hundreds of websites that offer tips to get an A in a college class. On others, you can have your entire research paper done and sent to you for a mere $10 a page. Another website even encourages students to rub chapstick on Scantron exams so the machine will skip blank answers. A blogger reminisces about when he used to record answers into his iPhone and listen through his headphones during the test.

There is no shortage of tips on how to cheat the academic system, but how far are students willing to go to get that A, and are they getting away with it?

Results of a spring-term final at Harvard University are under investigation on suspicion that 125 students cheated on the course’s final take-home exam, the Harvard College Administrative Board announced Thursday.

The allegations began at the end of spring semester last year when the professor of a government course noticed similar answers on 10-20 tests. The professor brought the findings to the school’s administrative board. After investigating all the final exams for the course, the board discovered almost half of the 279 exams to be suspicious, according to The Harvard Crimson.

“It’s being called the largest cheating scandal in recent memory to hit the elite university and the Ivy League,” USA TODAY’s Michael Winter reported.