Most American voters want smaller government: by a 54 percent to 39 percent margin, they think government is trying to do much.

With a series of fun activities tied into current events, some North Carolina students hope to spread this sentiment on their campus, as reported by Alex Petercuskie on

N.C. State’s Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) will take a stand in the Brickyard every day this week in honor of National Constitution Week.

Members of the student organization hope to promote ideals in the U.S. Constitution, mainly the limited role of government. In order to support personal freedoms and a limited government, Emma Benson, campus activism coordinator and junior in business administration, said the group has a board set up where students and other visitors can sign their names.

According to Benson, YAL is a non-partisan organization that is strictly issue based. The group is not allowed to endorse candidates based on the fact that it is a tax-exempt organization. However, Benson said the group is primarily concerned with providing awareness among students about how the role of government affects them, as well as society.

“People should be more involved, or at least know what’s going on,” Benson said.

The campus group has about 300 members and holds meetings every other Tuesday. According to Benson, this is the group’s largest event of the semester so far.

YAL will be set up in the Brickyard every day this week from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and group members will be available to discuss everything from current events to the impending presidential election.

Last year, the group organized various projects in the Brickyard, including “Occupy GPA.” The demonstration, Benson said, was an effort to compare the Occupy Wall Street movement to students’ distribution of grades and to show the extensive role that government can have in their lives. In another protest, the group had one student dress up in a Transportation Security Administration uniform, pass out flyers and ask questions to raise awareness for certain TSA policies the group says infringe on personal privacy rights.

“We just like to have fun with the events and relate them to college students,” Benson said.

Benson said to be on the look out for future YAL events. The group has been discussing an event during Halloween that would showcase the Founding Fathers, as well as a food drive around Thanksgiving, according to Benson.