Recently, former Obama spokesman Bill Burton falsely accused Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney of killing a woman because she lost insurance when her husband’s job was terminated.  When Paul Ryan was selected as the VP choice, Obama lied and said the Romney/Ryan ticket was planning to raise taxes.

Now, Red Alert Politics reports that Vice President is lying about the GOP team’s plans for student aid programs.

In typical Joe Biden fashion, the Vice President did what he does best creating straw arguments to discuss the Republican plan on Pell Grants.

Biden falsely told athletes gathered at Newport High School in Newport, N.H. that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to do away with Pell Grants. The reality is that the GOP ticket wants to return Pell Grant funding to pre-stimulus levels when they were targeted at the truly needy.

“There’s a big debate now,” Biden said. “One team wants to get rid of those.”

The Republicans have said nothing about changing or reducing the maximum $5,500 award available to eligible students.

Under Obama Pell grant funding doubled from $16.5 billion in 2008 to $32.3 billion in 2010.

“The Obama Administration and some Members of Congress argue that another $5.7 billion is needed in order to avoid a funding shortfall and a reduction in the maximum grant award of 15 percent,” Heritage Foundation scholar Lindsey M. Burke wrote about the Obama plan on Pell Grants. “But continuing to increase federal subsidies for higher education through the Pell grant program would not solve the college cost problem and could exacerbate inefficiencies and tuition hikes at universities.”

Once again Biden shows he will do anything or say anything even if the facts do not fit with the rhetoric.