Sounds like it’s a good time to be a conservative at Armstrong College in Georgia.

Fall classes have barely started and the student Republican group is already gearing up.

The recently reactivated College Republicans, a student organization dedicated to the promotion of conservative ideals and the philosophy of the Rupublican Party, held their first inaugural meeting Aug. 23 in University Hall with guest speakers including state and local politicians from around Georgia and Savannah.

Keynote speaker State Representative Ron Stephens was joined by school board member and county commissioner candidate Lori Brady, school board member elect Larry Lowman, county commissioner chairman candidate Larry Deloach and chairman of Mitt Romney’s Campaign for Georgia’s First Congressional District Jerry Loupee all joined Stephens as guest speakers.

State Representative Stephens opened the event with an explanation of hallmark Republican values ranging from the sanctity of life to an emphasis on states rights rather than a large federal government. Stephens highlighted the economy and a need for fiscal conservatism.

After a description of party views, Stephens and other guests discussed their impact on the HOPE scholarship and how to attract new jobs to Savannah and the surrounding areas.

Armstrong sophomore Timothy Waters, the Southeast regional director for the Georgia Association of College Republicans and chairman for Armstrong’s College Republicans stated:

“I want to promote conservatism on campus and educate our members on the Republican ideals. We want to bring in regular guest speakers to talk to our students about politics … We also want to have our individual members get involved in some campaigns for educational experience.”