Conservative talk radio host Dennis Prager has launched a new online college to fight liberal bias, reports The Blaze.

It has no campus or accreditation but hey, when was the last time you showed anyone your diploma?

For years, conservatives have lamented the perceived liberal bias that exists at the university level. To counter this continued conundrum, radio host and author Dennis Prager has crafted a solution that is ever-growing in popularity — Prager University. The media figure sat down with TheBlaze to discuss the project, while sharing his vision for its growth and continued success.

No, Prager University is not an accredited college. And it has no physical campus that pupils are required to visit to complete their coursework. Best of all, there’s no cost to attend (but you can give voluntary tuition to help fuel the site’s continued growth).

However, unlike other educational experiences, Prager University offers comprehensive information on a litany of social and political subjects from a more right-of-center approach — and it’s all delivered in a condensed, five-minute video experience. The educational source describes itself as “an entirely new concept in education.”